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Established in 1992, Nanjing Petro-chemical Co., Ltd. is a national high new tech enterprise of devoting to innovate, manufacture and sales of fine chemical products such as refinery chemical additives, fuel additives, lubricant additives, chemical fiber additives (catalyst), synthetic rubber additives, etc. The company has passed IS90012000 quality management system certification, and has been granted the honors of Key High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan, National honoring credit and promise Enterprise, etc. The registered trademark of GU is Jiangsu Famous Trademark. 
After continuous efforts in the last years, our company has developed into a member enterprises of of PetroChina, the PetroChinas first-tier supplier of three additives for refinery and a member company of SINOPECs three additives cooperative network, and is also one of the major suppliers of many large scale refineries of Sinopec and PetroChina. The main products have kept a high market share in the industry.
For many years, relied on scientific and technological innovation and long-term reinforced technological cooperation with scientific research institutes and universities, the company has already maintained a leading position in the R&D of the additives for refineries with the technological content of its products at an advanced level domestically. Multifunctional desulfurizing passivator, gasoline and diesel detergent are certified as National Key New Product. Gasoline stabilization modifier and high efficient scale inhibitor are certificated as High-Tech Products.
Stepping forward to the future with great hope, the company takes the scientific development as the guideline, andto replace imported products, save energy, protect environment, benefiting human beingsas its own responsibility. We are exerting our efforts to make new breakthroughs on research and development of the additives and catalysts for refinery.
Nanjing Petro-chemical Co., Ltd. wishes to create a new brighter future with the customers and all circles of the society through mutual support and development.

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